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Megan (Eckenrode) Hedrick

Owner and Founder

Megan Eckenrode is the owner and founder of Athena Mobility & Strength. She is a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and Pilates Instructor with over ten years experience in the field of coaching, fitness, and movement dysfunction prevention. She found her love of movement as a young child, and later organized sports made their way into her world mainly through soccer and field hockey. She continued to play 4 years of collegiate field hockey and still plays competitively.

Her professional career began in collegiate coaching for both field hockey and lacrosse while at the same time pursuing her interests in personal training. After experiencing pain within her body caused by overuse, stress, and dysfunctional movement patterns she began to expand her education of corrective exercise through the modalities of Pilates and NeuroKinetic Therapy™ .

She is currently working toward her certification through StrongFirst, School of Strength as well as a Medical Exercise Specialist to continue to build her practice and bridge the gap between Physical Therapists and Personal Fitness Trainers. She works with her clients on regaining their health, reaching their goals, and increasing functionality within the parameters of their injury or medical conditions.

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