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Group Fitness Classes

Enjoy our fun, safe, and effectively designed classes that will keep you feeling confident and motivated!

What are the benefits of group fitness classes?

Motivation – Not all of us are wired to just get up and go work out. Sometimes we need the help of others to motivate us. With group fitness classes, you’ll not only get that encouragement from your instructor, but you’ll get it from others who are right alongside of you taking the class.

Accountability – It’s easy to come up with some excuse as to why you can’t workout on a particular day. When you routinely go to a group fitness class, having other members help to hold you accountable for making sure you don’t miss out on class is great! In return, you can do the same for them!

Variety – When you’re doing the same exercise routine in a class with the same music playing in the background, boredom will inevitably set in and you’ll quit. Having a variety of classes to choose from where the instructor will show you different exercises each week can really make a huge difference. Mixing up the music and having fun themed classes add to the enjoyment as well!

Fun and Social – As a member of the group fitness community you’ll meet people who are there because, like you, they care about their health and overall wellness. Common bonds with other members might be formed over exercise frustrations, achievements made, or sharing the same sense of humor. And, if you’re lucky enough, these common bonds could ultimately lead to some of the greatest friendships you’ll ever make.

What kind of exercise equipment is used?

A variety of exercise equipment can be used depending on the type of classes offered and your level of experience. We encourage you to check out the group fitness class schedule and speak with one of our certified, professional instructors prior to class to see what exercise equipment may be used.

Who can attend? (skill level)

All skill levels are welcomed at our group fitness classes. We can offer variations of an exercise depending upon your level of experience.