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ARE YOU READY TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH THROUGH MOVEMENT AND EXERCISE? At Athena Mobility & Strength we bridge the gap of health care and fitness. We offer the next step to taking control over your long term exercise and movement practices, whether you are preventing improper strength training techniques, or managing a medical condition we have outcome informed, evidence based protocols that are tailored to each clients specific goals and needs.

Step 1: Schedule a FREE movement screening consultation

We want to learn more about you and show you what we do!
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  2. Visit us on ZenPlanner and book a free, zero-obligation consult so we can learn more about you and your goals, discuss what we do and how we can support you, and generally ensure you feel comfortable and at-home in our space!

Remember, you can always reach out to us via email or by phone, (717) 514-4201.


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Step 2: Schedule a Functional Movement Assessment

Option A | Athena KICKSTART – Best Value

At Athena Mobility & Strength we offer a variety of options to ensure you get the best of what we do tailored specifically to your needs – from individual private sessions to motivating individualized small group training sessions, we’re here to meet you where you are today and help you reach your goals.

Our KICKSTART program is our BEST value—a zero-obligation opportunity to try out the full range of what we do with NO obligations or hard sells. It’s the best option to guide you toward a lifetime of control over your movement health.

For just $299, you’ll receive:

Option B | Functional Movement Assessment and Strategy Session

If you’re recovering from an injury, are newly post-partum, or simply prefer a more individualized setting, we offer a range of private training packages and memberships at days and times that fit your schedule to get you started and on the road to feeling confident, moving without pain, and making fitness a part of your life.


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Step 3: Choose a Membership or Class Package

We offer a variety of membership options and packages based on your needs! Whether you’re loving group training sessions, prefer one-on-one time, or want access to a combination of both, we’ve got the plan for you! You’ll meet with a coach at the end of your first month to discuss your optimal plan going forward.

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