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Pumpkin Black Bean Chicken Chili

Here is a new way to spice things up with the added nutritional benefits of fiber and vitamin A that pumpkin packs! Invite some football fans (dressed in their comfy sweaters or team gear of course) over for game day and wow them with a crock pot of chili with a pumpkin twist!


Lifestyle Changes

Moving 100 miles away from home to a small studio apartment on High Street in Carlisle was a big deal when I was 23 and single.  I didn’t have friends or family who lived in this town, so it was a huge step out of my comfort zone. Unknowingly, this phase of my life would lead to a love for fitness.


Do I Really Need to Take Supplements?

If you are similar to nearly half of all Americans, you purchase at least one type of supplement to boost your health. How do you know if you are spending your hard-earned money on the right ones? Ever since we were kids, we’ve been told to take our vitamins and we do it because we think we’re supposed to. But do you even need supplements at all?


Detour Smart Bar Nutrition Review

Today I'm going to share with you my review of the Detour Smart Bar that's available at Walmart, Giant, Wegmans, and Vitamin World in the Central PA area!


Avoid Food Waste!

Food is way too precious to waste, yet at least 25% of edible food in the United States is never eaten. Food preparation, oversupply, food spoilage, shopping habits, and unused leftovers all contribute to waste.


Six Ways To Boost Your Protein Intake At Breakfast

People give many reasons for why they skip breakfast. "I have no time!" "Woke up way too late today." and "I don't like breakfast foods" are some of the things I've heard from clients and friends. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and despite its many benefits (especially to our metabolism) it is the most neglected meal of the day.